What allergens are in the products?

    The Great American Fudge line includes tree nuts, peanuts, and milk. The factory also processes wheat and soy.


Do you use preservatives?

    Great American uses a mold inhibitor, potassium sorbate, in all flavors.


Do you use artificial flavors and colors?

    Some of the flavors of Great American Fudge Company use artificial flavors and some do not. None of the flavors use 

   artificial colors, but some artificial colors are used in the factory.



    Not yet.


Factory certifications?

    ASI Food Safety, Good Manufacturing Practice Audit


How is Great American Fudge Company related to Blue Moose Sweet Shoppe?

    Blue Moose Sweet Shoppe, LLC is the company that owns Great American Fudge Company. Blue Moose Sweet Shoppe is    

    also a brand of fudge sold to specialty outlets, fundraisers, and as corporate gifts.


    Both brands of fudge are smooth and creamy and are made using similar processes. The chocolate varieties of Blue Moose     Sweet Shoppe Fudge are made with imported Belgian Chocolate. The chocolate varieties of Great American Fudge      

    Company are made with Guittard Chocolate.

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